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Meet The Team


Lee Anthony Stiles

CEO, Pastor, and Evangelist

Lee was raised in Beaufort, NC. His grandmother took him to church with her at an early age, but when he got into his teenage years, he started to veer down a turbulent path of drugs. This lead to him being shot seven times in 2007 and he served time in prison twice. It was his second time in prison where he decided enough was enough and surrendered his life fully to Jesus Christ. Upon his release from prison, Lee has given his testimony numerous times and in 2019, he was ordained to be a pastor and an evangelist. Lee started From the Pit to the Palace as a nonprofit organization in January 2018 and in the summer of 2020, FTP2TP became a full blown church. Many people have been impacted by this ministry. Lee's heart is to seek out and save the lost through the Blood of Jesus.


Sallie Salter

Youth Ministry Leader and Co-Pastor

Sallie is the backbone of the From the Pit to the Palace ministry. Her passion for helping people and tender heart for the youth enable her to share Jesus with a wide variety of people. She has served as the youth leader of FTP2TP since May 2018. Her and Kendra lead the ministry's recovery meetings and Sallie is also the leader of the praise and worship team. Sallie has raised three wonderful children-Zechariah, Jade, and Richie, and adores her two beautiful granddaughters-Madelyn Grace and Everly Jane. She is proud to have her daughter-in-law, Christa, serve on our praise and worship team. Sallie enjoys working on her yard in her spare time and attending family parties and gatherings.


Mary Sherwood

Event and Revival Minister

Deacon Mary Sherwood is a fiery and passionate "Jesus freak," as she adamantly calls herself. She is the wife to Jamie and mother to fur baby, Zephaniah. Mary is honored to serve as a deacon at Epicenter Fellowship of Churches. Humbled to be an assistant to Bishop Jarod Cruthis at the CEEC. Called to counsel as a CSACR Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Registrant. She enjoys being the co owner of Davis Shore Provisions. She tries desperately to only say and do what God tells her to do. As COO of FTP2TP, Mary helps Lee plan and coordinate large community events, assist with revival services, and she leads all of the ministry's prayer marches.


Cheryl Bomar


Cheryl has lived in Carteret County with her daughter for nine years. She has been walking as a devoted follower of Christ for seven years. She was born in Maryland but her family moved to Raleigh, NC when she was two weeks old. Raleigh is also where she went to college and earned a degree in Business Management from North Carolina State University. Cheryl has been working in business management and accounting for twenty years. Cheryl's passions include the Bible, her family and dogs.


Susanne Cole

Discipleship Leader and Prayer Intercessor

Mother Susanne Cole is the discipleship leader, prayer intercessor, and nurturer of the From the Pit to the Palace. Her Godly advice, prayers, and guidance are much needed in the ministry. Mrs. Cole was the wife to her late husband, William McArthur. She has two daughters, Traci and Michelle. She has three natural grandchildren and one granddaughter-in-law. She adores her fur baby, Mazi Jane. She helps Lee with the tent revivals and teaches the team Godly lessons from the comforts of her home.


Kendra Lewis

Addiction Recovery Minister

Kendra is a voice for the young generation. Her testimony of overcoming drug addiction by the Blood of Jesus is a remarkable one. She helps Sallie with leading the ministry's recovery meetings and is a member of the praise and worship team. Kendra just recently started Dry Bones Ministries, which is a counseling center for those struggling with addiction. Kendra is the perfect example of how God can take you From the Pit to the Palace!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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