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Meet Our Community Partners

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Dix Crisis Intervention Center

Community Partner

If you have a loved one who is trying to get clean from drugs, then in many cases the first step is going to detox. Look no further than Dix Crisis Intervention Center in Jacksonville, NC. They are one of our community partners that help us in assisting to help people get free from a life of drugs and help them transition to the rehab facility that is best for them.


The MirIAM

Community Partner

Jesus has saved many women's lives through Ms. Tami Thomas and the great people at the MirIAM women's rehab. Many women have been rehabilitated and counseled through this program. We are happy to work closely with them.


Loaves and Fishes

Community Partner

Pastor David Bruce, Minister Bradley Crabb, and the good people at Loaves and Fishes, have been serving the Beaufort community for years through their rehab program, thrift store, and church endeavors. Men who need freedom from a life of addiction can look to Loaves and Fishes for help.


Peer Recovery Center

Community Partner

The Peer Recovery Center of Carteret County NC is a support organization for those experiencing mental illness, substance abuse, and emotional crisis.



Community Partner

RHA Health Services provides services for people with intellectual development disabilities, physical, behavioral health, or substance use needs.


Hope Mission

Community Partner

Pastor Gene McClendon and Hope Mission Ministries are a huge resource in our community. They give out free meals to those in need through their soup kitchen, provide clothing to the less fortunate through their thrift store, have a homeless shelter, and also provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation to those who need freedom from addiction.

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Carteret County Sheriff's Dept

Community Partner

Carteret County Sheriff's Office is a community partner that is adamant about helping clean up our community. Sheriff Buck encourages positive change and promotes rehabilitation. He has spoke at several of our large community events.

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The Potter's Wheel

Men's Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Potter's Wheel Ministries of Mount Olive is a Christ-centered, faith based regeneration center. Men learn to form the necessary disciplines of life through a "spiritual bootcamp" type program.

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NC Cooperative Extension

Empowering Youth and Families Program (EYFP)

The NC Empowering Youth and Families Program (EYFP) focuses on opioid prevention education for youth and their caregivers in rural North Carolina. The goals of this program is reduce youth substance abuse in rural NC, to improve parenting skills of caregivers to assist youth in making healthy choices, to improve family relationships, and to empower families to lead community change to leverage support for healthier lifestyles within those communities.

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